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Our passion at The Grandpa’s Farm is to grow fresh produce for our community. Being our own business, it’s the driving force behind our family's success, allowing us to spend more time with our children.

We have been working the land in Chester, NY since the day we emigrated from Puebla 15 years ago. When we started, we worked as laborers for other vegetable farms, while little by little we were building our dream of having our own farm.


Fifteen years ago it was a very distant dream, not only because of the amount of money needed, but because we had no idea how to start building the foundations of that dream. We continued to work steadily for many years, and one day a colleague told us that she had contact with a lawyer who could give us a push to make that dream a reality.


From that moment we began to plan and set clear objectives that would bring us closer to our own farm, until Rise & Root Farm put us in contact with GrowNYC, who offered us technical assistance in planning the business.  And so, in 2019, we carried our dream forward, we started our farm under Grandpa's direction, and that's why we are called Rancho del Abuelito.

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